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How do I move from Maryland to establish domicile in Florida?

If you are looking to establish domicile in Florida from Maryland, here are some tips:

  • Sign a lease for as long a term as possible, or purchase a home or an apartment in Florida, and spend more time there than in Maryland (i.e. at least six months per year)
  • Register to vote in Florida, and inform the State of Maryland of your relinquishment of the right to vote in Maryland
  • Obtain a Florida driver’s license and relinquish your Maryland license
  • Register your car in Florida and relinquish your Maryland registration
  • Transfer major bank accounts to banks in Florida and close your Maryland accounts
  • Open a safe deposit box and transfer all items in your Maryland safe deposit box, which should then be relinquished
  • Execute a new will, not a codicil, reciting Florida as your new domicile
  • If your estate plan includes charitable bequests, include a charitable organization based in Florida
  • Send letters of resignation to all Maryland clubs to which you belong
  • Do not renew any Maryland entertainment subscriptions
  • Join Florida-based organizations and entertainment subscriptions
  • Establish relationships with, and visit, medical providers in Florida
  • Establish a relationship with stock and/or insurance brokers in Florida
  • Notify all businesses and government agencies with which you have a relationship, including the Social Security Administration, of your new address
  • Apply for a new passport using your Florida address
  • Buy a cemetery plot in Florida and relinquish your Maryland cemetery plot
  • File a Declaration of Domicile in Florida and claim your new home as a “homestead” under Florida law